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1. Our services are approx. 70 minutes long, consisting of time of worship, collective generosity, and a bible-based message to inspire & equip us to live out our faith practically.


2. We have full kids programs available at every service because we believe in teaching our kids God's word at their level. Kids church runs concurrently with the church service.


3. We believe that we are better together. Our cafe is a great environment that facilitates connection. We would love to have you stay for a great cup of coffee and get to know a few people.


4. We offer various courses that'll help you grow in your faith and other areas of your life, from parenting to emotional health. We encourage you to invest in your growth and join us for any one of our courses.


5. If you're arriving with a baby, we have a mother's room available, which is fully equipped for you to tend to your baby's needs.

6. FOR SAFETY REASONS, WE LOCK OUR GATES 15 MINUTES AFTER THE START OF EVERY SERVICE. Please arrive early to check your kids into our Kids Church.

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